About Me

Information security researcher at CSRC - KAIST; starting my second year there.
At first I was interested in hardening systems using memory isolation.
These days, I am shifting my interest towards software security and fuzzing.

I am definitely French, but I decided to stay in Korea because I like it here. Good people, good food :-).


  • 2015 - 2016
    Exchange, KAIST, Graduate School of Information Security

  • 2013 - 2016
    Master, Telecom ParisTech, specialized in Information and Network Security

  • 2011 - 2013
    Preparatory School, Physics and Chemistry Lakanal, Sceaux


  • Domain Isolated Kernel: A lightweight sandbox for untrusted kernel extensions (PDF)
    Valentin J.M. Manès, Daehee Jang, Chanho Ryu, Brent Byunghoon Kang
    Computers & Security, 2018

  • Fuzzing: Art, Science, and Engineering (PDF)
    Valentin J.M. Manès, HyungSeok Han, Choongwoo Han, Sang Kil Cha, Manuel Egele,
    Edward J. Schwartz, Maverick Woo

Blog Posts

I will try to write about stuff I did that I think are not so well documented.
This way it will be easier for other (and myself) to reproduce later on.

  • Compiling Linux Kernel with Clang
    It can be interesting to compile the Linux kernel with clang to access
    features only accessible with clang like sanitizers (although atm KASAN
    is said to be better supported with GCC) or kcov for comparisons.